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Type 2 Diabetes BASICS

image22bType 2 Diabetes BASICS will give you a firm foundation of knowledge and skills for managing your diabetes day to day. It is offered in both group and individual settings year-round at three Minneapolis area locations. Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend at no cost.

The Type 2 Diabetes BASICS program is based on four sessions, spread over a six-month period of time. Each follow-up session builds on your knowledge and skills and helps you evaluate how your treatment plan is working.

Session 1 (Initial visit)

2 hours, 30 minutes*

Session 2 (2 week follow-up)

1 hour, 15 minutes*

Session 3 (3 month follow-up)

1 hour, 15 minutes*

Session 4 (6 month follow-up)

1 hour, 15 minutes*

*Times are approximate


Sessions are usually held between the hours of 8:30-5:00, though an evening session on Tuesday is currently available.

What you will learn
At Type 2 Diabetes BASICS, you will learn:

  • what diabetes is and how it affects your body
  • how to plan meals and snacks
  • how and when to test your blood glucose (sugar)
  • how physical activity helps control blood glucose
  • how to know when you need to change your medication, if applicable
  • how to know when to change your blood glucose monitoring schedule

Program materials
You will receive a personalized food plan based on what you like to eat, educational materials, and a diabetes record book for recording blood glucose readings. Participants are asked to purchase meters and test strips before the second session. The education team will give you guidance on how to obtain these items.

Provider follow-up
Your personal healthcare provider will receive a report summarizing your health status and details about your progress. He or she can continue to help you use the skills and knowledge you've gained through this program.

Diabetes educators
You can deliver
Type 2 Diabetes BASICS at your site!

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Contact us to register for all locations (St. Louis Park, Burnsville, Minneapolis):

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