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Ongoing Care

We offer basic and in-depth education programs on diabetes self-management, insulin management, and heart health so that you can confidently take control of your health. Contact us to register.

  • Living Well with Diabetes
    This unique, four-day program will give you new skills and confidence for managing your diabetes every day. Through working with a team of doctors, nurses, dietitians and psychologists you will gain in-depth knowledge about all aspects of diabetes care: food planning, increasing physical activity, adjusting medications or insulin, coping with stress or depression and fitting diabetes into your everyday life. Available for both adults and children.
  • Individual Consultations
    We offer individual consultation with a nurse educator and a dietitian that includes a complete assessment of your diabetes control, self-management skills and current management plan.
  • Insulin Starts/Adjustments
    This program will teach you how to make appropriate changes in your insulin regimen based on your food plan, physical activity and blood glucose levels. Offered two times each month, with a one-month follow-up visit.
  • Heart Health
    People with diabetes often have hypertension and high blood cholesterol levels, putting them at risk for heart disease. In this program you'll learn about food choices, lifestyle and medication and other preventive care to keep your heart healthy. Heart Health is designed for people who have a basic understanding of diabetes management and carbohydrate counting. Offered once a month in a group session, with a three-month follow-up.
  • Just for Kids

If you're interested in purchasing materials about diabetes, visit IDC Publishing

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