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Diabetes Care in Mexico
There are at least 5 million people with known cases of diabetes (many more undiagnosed). Care in the major cities is adequate to poor and very poor care in rural areas. Resources are limited and physicians trained to manage diabetes are almost nonexistent in rural areas.

Staged Diabetes Management Update
In the early 1990s, Dr. Joel Rodriguez was one of a small group of physicians (among the first in the world) to receive SDM training at a meeting of the American Diabetes Association.

Securing the financial help of the Compass Project (which helps fund SDM in areas where there is no other financial support) Dr. Rodriguez had since trained more than 500 physicians and registered nearly 6000 patients for SDM care. This probably represents the largest numbers of SDM-trained physicians and SDM-registered patients in the world.

In collaboration with Dr. Rodriguez, SDM textbooks and Quick Guides have been translated into Spanish for publication in 2001.

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