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Preventing Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes develops over a number of years with blood sugars gradually getting higher. A normal blood sugar is less than 110 mg/dL. Diabetes is diagnosed when the blood sugar level reaches 126 mg/dL.

Individuals are at high risk for developing diabetes if they:

  • are 45 years old or more
  • are at least 20 pounds over weight
  • have a family history of diabetes
  • are African American, American Indian, Hispanic, or Asian
  • have abnormal blood cholesterol (or blood fats)
  • have high blood pressure
  • have a history of diabetes during pregnancy
  • have a very inactive lifestyle

How You Can Be Involved in Prevention
If you have at least two of the above characteristics or have ever been told you have an abnormal blood sugar, but do not have diabetes, you may be interested a new research study to test if certain medications may prevent the development of diabetes.  

If you would like to receive information about future research opportunities on the prevention of diabetes at the International Diabetes Center, please with your name, address, and phone number. Our research department will contact you about how you can be involved. Your name will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your interest.


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